CIMA Entry Options

After passing the X standard, you can enroll for CIMA courses. You can appear for CIMA Certificate in Business
Accounting Level exams and be eligible to be awarded the CBA after passing 12th or Inter Second Year, as the case may be.

Commerce graduates or relevant degree holders:

If you are a commerce graduate or hold relevant degree, you can directly apply for Operational Level. You also earn 5 exemptions.

Advanced degree holders:

If you are an ICAI / ICWAI professional or an MBA / M.Com, you can fast-track your career by directly applying for CIMA Gateway Assessment. You also earn 11 exemptions. The road to obtaining the CIMA Professional Qualification is open to all, regardless of educational background. Flexible entry policy enables anyone with a passion for business the opportunity to aspire for and obtain the CIMA qualifications.

If you are new to business or accounting studies, you will first need to work towards gaining the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting.

It is a foundation level qualification which will equip you with the knowledge you need to progress towards the CIMA Professional Qualification.

CIMA gateway routes

CIMA’s gateway routes allow members of recognized professional accounting bodies and graduates of relevant masters’ degrees the opportunity to gain certain exemptions and fast track their pursuit of full CIMA membership.

CIMA Structure: Pillars and Levels

Entry routes to the CIMA Professional Qualification

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