Accounting Qualification

Management Accounting Qualification Exemptions

The diagram opposite sets out the CIMA Professional Qualification syllabus and the skills you learn at every level. The entry level qualification (at the bottom of the diagram) is the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting, which offers a solid grounding in the basics of management accounting, financial accounting and business. It is also a stepping stone towards the CIMA Professional Qualification.

The CIMA Professional Qualification syllabus is built on three specific learning pillars: Enterprise pillar, Performance pillar and Financial pillar, with each containing three subjects. There are four distinct levels within the CIMA Professional Qualification: operational, management, strategic and professional competence, with interim qualifications awarded at each level. Each level is progressive and will deliver skills relative to that level. Before qualifying, candidates must also pass CIMA’s Test of Professional Competence and fulfil three years’ practical experience requirements.

Student CPD means keeping up to date with learning in areas aligned to your CIMA studies

  • Management skills guides
  • Industry specific updates
  • Relevant research reports

Designatory letters

Students who demonstrate their CPD knowledge is up to date can use designatory letters of our intermediate awards after their names:

  • CIMA Cert BA: completed all certificate level papers under the 2006 syllabus onwards.
  • CIMA Dip MA: completed operational level under the 2010 syllabus onwards.
  • CIMA Adv Dip MA: completed management / managerial level under the 2005

syllabus onwards.

After passing all your CIMA exams and gaining your practical experience, you will gain the letters ACMA, CGMA.

CIMA and a degree

CIMA has partnered with UK universities to offer students the opportunity to get a degree while also studying towards their CIMA qualification.

  • Management or strategic level students: MSc accountancy and finance (Birmingham City Business School)
  • Strategic and T4 students: BA in sustainable performance management (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • All students: BA accounting (Robert Gordon University)

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