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CFP - Certified Financial Planner

Candidates Registered for the CFPCM Certification Program under Regular Pathway must fulfill the Education Program requirements to be eligible to appear for the CFPCM Examination. A candidate must complete academic coverage of the Financial Planning curriculum through an FPSB India’s Authorized Education Partner or through “Self Study”. The education criterion is completion of four exams, viz. Exam 1 – 4. This demonstrates to the public that the candidate has acquired the necessary knowledge to become a Financial Planner.

The education requirement prescribed by FPSB India ensures the development of necessary skills and knowledge to become successful Financial Planners. It encourages independent thinking. The modes of Education Partners and Self Study accommodate those candidates who wish to pursue full-time studies as well as those who are working executives to remain in employment or professional practice throughout the duration of study (through distance learning including online programs).

CFPCM - Certification Education Program Syllabus

Module IIntroduction to Financial Planning
Module IIRisk Analysis & Insurance Planning
Module IIIRetirement Planning & Employees Benefits
Module IVInvestment Planning
Module VTax Planning & Estate Planning
Module VIAdvanced Financial Planning

Moto:“An educational system is worth a great deal if it teaches young minds how to make a life rather Than just making a living.”

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